I ́am very happy for your invitation for 2021 WoW festival in Rome.

We are a delegation from Portugal and we think those participation is useful for our country schools, to share the activities and all collaborative people.

The activities that you describe in the festival, in our country some of them we use in uncurricular sistem, but some of them in formal ways.

The activities as like Billardino, Fling disk and Polesport have a support by Association and federations which have a formal competition, because have much athletes.

Dodgeball, Tchoutball, Taichi, Wushu, are activities who have less people working out, and we practice like a unformal sport.

The activity which have a substance improve in Portugal is the Padel, who have courts in all cities or locations.

The Nordic walking is un activity that many tourists practice in our coast, which is very beutiful because you can see the sea (Costa vicentina and Algarve).

Another activity who you don ́t talk and have a great interesting for the younger is the table soccer. Our country have the passion for soccer and this game combine football and table tennis.

I think reach the objective of the working paper Best regards,
Luís Rodrigues

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