Spor Elçileri Derneği

Sport Ambassadors Association is a voluntary sports association. All members are volunteers working to increase the sport culture in the society, to enable people to do physical activities and to have an active lifestyle. The target group is all age groups of people. Disadvantaged and disabled people are mostly integrated in our activities.

The main focus of the Association is to work in the following fields:

  • Promoting Physical Activity and Health (namely HEPA)
  • Social inclusion and integration through Sport
  • Fight against obesity and sedentary lifestyle
  • Outdoor education
  • Non-formal education
  • Intercultural dialogue

Sports Ambassadors Association has been established to be active in local, national and international projects. With the help of the projects carried out, it seeks to promote lifelong learning and to enhance the skills related to sports activities. It also aims to involve youth in international youth work, international educational, scientific, cultural exchange programs and it wants to create chances for young people to be sporty, strong, physically and mentally fit, understanding, successful and ambitious.

The Association has about 200 volunteers from the university and the number is increasing day by day. Most of the volunteers are young people aged between 15-30. But there are also different levels of educational backgrounds.

Sport Ambassadors Association works with various age groups in the region and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. Volunteer members organise sport activities on special days for social inclusion of the children, the disabled, the adults who never do sport and the elderly.

The founders of the association have international experiences in Erasmus+ projects. They have participated in several youth programme trainings and have already worked with the youth in the neighbourhood.

The members also participated in conferences and seminars organised at national level to promote social inclusion and fight against sedentary lifestyle through sport. Using non-formal education, it seeks to enhance the skills and learning of young people. The Association organises sport activities regularly. Every weekend, it tries to introduce a rarely-known sports discipline and attract the youth in youth work voluntarily.

Birol Cagan is responisble for coordinating the international projects. He’s an English teacher and he has been in international projects since 2007. In these projects, he gained managerial skills, cognitive and problem-solving skills, social and communication advanced competences, commuter literacy, etc. Birol has an MA degree in English teaching and still studies at university on Cultural Heritage and Tourism. He participated in two TCA trainings in 2018 and the trainings were about youth exchanges and quality project preparation. He’s the president of Sports Ambassadors Association. He has already been a project manager in Erasmus+ Sports projects, Comenius Projects, Youth projects.

Ahmet Dalci is a physical education teacher and a highly skilled sports trainer. He’s doing MA in sports sciences now. He also studied sport management. Ahmet has been working in Erasmus+ Sport Projects for 4 years. He has been the administrator in international projects. He has experience in organising local and national sport activities. He’s a handball, orienteering and volleyball coach and a physical fitness trainer. He’s responsible for project planning, planning local activities, training.