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The main objectives of Association FOOTURA are the development and promotion of sport as a tool for positive social impact, various sports and all kinds of activities connected with sport, cultural tourism, active lifestyle, and youth exchange programs. The association aims at promoting amateur and youth sports in order to motivate disadvantaged and young people to be active and see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Among our key goals are also: 1. Working for the rehabilitation and extension of existing and creation of new relationships between citizens, organizations, regions, and other structures on the basis of sports – both in Bulgaria and abroad. 2. Promoting achievements, projects, and initiatives of individuals and organizations in the field of amateur sport. 3. Participation in public life and public dialogue on issues of youth, social integration, and sport. 4. Developing our own theoretical-analytical activity – our members had participation and publications in Sports conferences here in Sofia (in 2013 and 2014) and in Sofia, Bucurest – Romania and Serbia (2015), Bulgaria, Macedonia and Cyprus (2016), Italy (2017 & 2018), Netherlands (2018), Greece (2017, 2018 & 2019), Spain (2019).
Footura implements sports projects funded by different local structures – Ministry of youth and sport, Ministry of education, Sofia municipality, Operational Programme for Human Resources, companies, private NGOs and funds, etc. We have extensive еxperience working with diverse educational institutions, foundations, NGOs, etc. to integrate into the society various disadvantaged groups. By the accomplished and the current EU projects, we develop initiatives aimed at:

  • addressing the stereotypes and prejudices arising from the lack of understanding and acceptance of the others, while uncovering and understanding the facts, social conditions and cultural backgrounds related to fighting against racism, xenophobia, exclusion, violence, and extremism.
  • promoting the models: Sport for All, Sport and Wellness, Social Sports, Sport and Rehabilitation, etc.
    Memberships and networks:
  • Registration in September 2013 in the Sofia City Court
  • License of the Ministry of Justice (NGO register since 2013)
  • License of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Register of licensed sports organizations, since 2014)
  • Members of the National Network Anna Lindh Bulgaria (from 2015)
  • Members of the National Children’s Network (2017-2020)
  • Members of the National Youth Forum (since 2017)
  • Members of several other national and international networks and organizations – IDA network, Euroclio, N-DSA-N, Beyondsport, etc.
  • Vetted organization by GlobalGiving USA
  • EU verified with OID and PIC
    Gathering all of this as experience and expertise, we go beyond the framework of a sports organization and offer much more public impact.
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