Showdown is a sport that was born for blind and visually impaired people which was shown to the public for the rst time in 1996 at the Atlanta Paralympics; such was the success that it spread to the rest of the world in a short time.
In fact Slovenians started playing showdown in 2001, which also encouraged them to organize competitions and that was also the beginning of the rst unocial competitions. In 2003, the championships were organized by the Slovenian League under the auspices of the Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Slovenia and at the end the best players qualied for the 1st National Championship of Slovenia in 2003.

Ocially, Slovenia competed as a national team for the rst time in 2005 at the World Cup in the Czech Republic. However we started talking about the real successes of the Slovenian national team in 2008, when they participated in the 4th European Championship in Finland in Tuusula. In 2015, the Slovenian national team participated in the largest event so far within the International Blind Sport Federation – the IBSA World Games in Seoul.