CAI – Conversas Associação Internacional

CAI – Conversas Associação Internacional, create in 2013, based in Lisbon – Portugal, aims: Social intervention, cooperation and education for human and social development in the areas of prevention, treatment, social inclusion of social issues, research, publications, training and cultural events.
To achieve its aims CAI proposes namely:
a) Promote and participate in social experimentation and innovation in the fight against poverty and social exclusion promoting human rights and the children’s rights;
b) Support local, national and international actors of social intervention networks;
c) Promote the social street work and social street workers, social participation and community development;
d) Implement training and vocational training programs, creating and maintaining centres where these programs take place and with psychosocial support;
e) Develop parent education and family support activities, and family (re) integration, social and professional integration;
f) Develop consultancy, supervision, and evaluation of projects programs;
g) Develop studies and promote research and analysis of issues implicit in the practice of association.

Association/organization type, mission/value, activities etc.

CAI is an association, involved in social intervention in the field of Youth, Non Formal Education, and Adult Education developing activities in the following domains:
• Education both Formal and no formal,
• Individual, Group and Community intervention;
• Youth work and Youth Workers training;
• Health and drug Addiction prevention programs;
• Human rights and children rights;
• Social street work
• Theatre of the Oppressed in cooperation with Theatre Group – Holophote;
• Drug prevention focused in the nightlife settings working both with target population as with stakeholders (industry, staff other actors);
• Youth Activation and intervention with NEETS and prevention of drop-outs;
• Entrepreneurship and Social Economy;
• Social Diplomacy;
• Art Education both visual arts and performativity arts with children, youth and adults.
• Sports and Prevention.

Since 2013 CAI is specialized in Social street work methodology that we used to work with target population and stakeholders. We have local networks one is in a rural area others in urban context in Lisbon area, Porto area (north) and Algarve (south).

In the international level, CAI is from January 2017, the SwTI, Street Work Training Institute legal support and manager. The SwTI objectives are:
• Build and develop skills among the Social Street workers;
• Provide Training on Social Street Work Methodologies and correlate issues for different target population;
• Design Tailored Training Plans and Build pedagogical tools and materials
• Working in Training accreditation
• Promote research action projects in cooperation with Training Providers VET and Higher Schools institutions
• Participate in advocacy effort advocating both better conditions for vulnerable groups and better status for the workers.

SWTI is part of the DISWN (Dynamo International – Street Workers Network), which is composed of 51 national platforms from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. The Network promotes Social Street Work services and advocate for the recognition of social street workers in each country in order to generate international solidarity between key stakeholders and promote equality, empowerment and human rights for people in street situation.
Acknowledged as a European network fighting against poverty and social exclusion.

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