Ultimate Bulgaria started in Soa. There are two teams now, but it started 10 years ago. A guy named Lyubomir came across it; either a video online, or on TV, but he convinced friends in his neighborhood to play. Our team is self-taught. There have been a few big players or people with a lot of skills and drills that have come through, but, for the most part, the team has organized and taught Itself by looking in other places.

The season starts during the months of June or July, during which it is played around the Balkans. In the winter season there is a stop and there are no tournaments, also we host a fall tournament

every year called Disc of Peace.
There are probably around 50 people that know about the sport, have played, understand the rules, and go to practices.
We bring in mostly friends, but every year we take part in a festival called Live Actively that showcases games for sports, hosted by the city. People have tried to do demonstrations at high schools.
We want to get more involved with the school system and the university system, so we can start recruiting players at younger ages. There aren’t really a lot of opportunities to get involved with younger players, so we’d like to make inroads that way. We’d like to see more teams in Bulgaria and in the region, and more competitive tournaments. We’d like for teams from Western Europe to travel to our tournaments.

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